Thursday, June 29, 2006

Titanic, the artifact exhibition

Last fall, the exhibition of the artifacts of the infamous ship TITANIC was on display in Athens. This mug is one of the thousands of objects salvaged from the wreck.
A large piece of ice was there for everyone to touch, just to get the idea of how cold it was that night and how it felt when everyone jumped in the cold sea.A bathroom knob, still inside the marble that decorated the room
A, then modern, compass rust and crushed after seven decades in the bottom of the ocean.

The exhibition is no longer displayed in Athens.
Check the international site to see if it's somewhere near you.
The Athens Exhibition homepage


luggi said...

Amazing that something like the mug would survive.

~tanty~ said...

I still remember the movie and I can feel how horrible the situation at that time. However the mug is cute I think.

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