Sunday, June 03, 2007


"Running" just beside the Hilton hotel, this (not so beautiful from up close) statue is "Dromeas" (The Runner). Built from stacked plates of glass by Kostas Varotsos.

Not many people find it beautiful. When in was first intoduced in Omonoia Square in 1994, people were calling it "The Thing". But now it's considered one of the prominent pieces of modern art.

Tell me what you think. Do you find it good-looking or not?
See it in its previous location
More Dromeas pics at Flickr


Beetle said...

It's very brilliant idea indeed,its name met the statue form.It's surely real running....My opinion,It's VERY good looking!

But I think people can't really get close to it caused of the sharp glass!?

mamasan said...

I think it is a stunning piece. I've been driven around it and I love the way it's silhouette shifts and flows as you move around it. C

skuiki said...

it's interesting, i think :)

would like to see it in real and in real context.

ICE_Molly said...

I quite like it... the fact that its so interesting, makes it appreciative art! Very cool piece! I most definitely would want to see it in person.

kangerlussuaq said...

I think that the Runner's previous site, in the centre of the fountain of Omonoia Square was by far, much better than its current one.

Due to its extreme weight, this masterpiece posed a severe danger for the Omonoia underground metro station, one of the busiest and deepest in Athens.

It still remains imposing though!

Kate said...

I very much would like to see it in person! I know I would like it from seeing it on your blog. I think it's both innovative and interesting!

Ann said...

It is very interesting indeed. It really does look like a runner.

Meg in Nelson said...

Very interesting. I though someone ran past while you were trying to shoot something else.