Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Departed

These are death notices on a telephone company´s switchbox. In Athens there are no designated areas for such announcements so everyone uses walls, poles and any suitable surface.

It´s common that you can stick your notice or poster on other people ones, last week here was an anarchist movement´s poster, next week..who knows?


Blackbird said...

Interesting blog - I recognise a lot of the scenes you capture here; sometimes they make me laugh and other times make me shake my head.
Keep up the good work!

travelphilippines said...

thats interesting...

Curly said...

I recognise these notice Ovelikios, they were very common on the islands of Rhodes and Crete last I was there.

South Shields Daily Photo

Steve Buser said...

I see a lot of flyers around here for events, but have never seen a death notice posted. Interesting.

--steve buser
New Oleans Daily Photo
is 100 (posts) today.

spacegv said...

Opws leei ki h gata mou "O 8anatos erxetai apo pshla"

As my (greek) cat says "Death comes from above" ;)

Apsogh pic!

Ovelikios said...

Blackbird, thank you so much

Steve, travelphilippines, curly..they even put them on the trees. (not many left in Greece though, many wildfires this summer). lollll

spacegv, that is a wise cat :-)