Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Culture Pot

Iggy Pop (for 100th time) and DJ Tiesto (again after the great performance at 2004 Olympic Games opening ceremony) are frequent visitors in Athens. Other upcoming concerts this summer are Scorpions (they 're still alive), Guns and Roses (although only Axl remains) and Shakira (in full glory!).

Concerts booked and confirmed but cancelled (for a variety of reasons) were Rolling Stones (they couldn't get up from their coffins), Ricky Martin (almost nobody bought tickets) and Jennifer Lopez (just because).

One thing is sure about Athens: you never know who is gonna sing (or not).


selana18 said...

I like your post !Don't forget that Archive will be here Again (as the title of their popular song ).
One more thing is sure about Athens : you never know how you can afford the expensive prices of the tickets !!!!

Jazzy said...

Lucky you, the list is endless and you can have lots of fun, I would go on Guns'n'Roses.

Anonymous said...

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