Friday, July 28, 2006

Curves, triangles and parallels

Art can take several forms. In fact, everything in life is art. Here, from foreground to background, are painted cows from the (as you already know) Cow Parade, the pyramid which domes (hhmmm...can a pyramid dome?...anyway...) the Metro station of Panepistimio and, finally, the main building of Athens University where, between the columns, the Sciences from the previous post are barely visible.

Every basic geometrical shape is here, it seems everything fell into place.


Cristina said...

Interesting perspective! But I'm curious, what is the significance of the cow in Greek culture?

jerry said...

every culture need its cow, especially when it is about a parade :)

~tanty~ said...

Nice picture and good narration. Have a nice weekend.

Ovelikios said...

Christina, thanks for your comment. As far as I can remember, there is no significance of the cow in Greek culture. But the bull is presented in many ancient frescoes, an example here

Also, the myth of Europe involves a bull. God Zeus transformed himself into a bull in order to abduct Europe. The 2 euros greek coin depicts exactly that.
More info here

Ame said...

Hi "O!"

Nice blog! And you're right, life IS art! :-)

And I like this shot...of course, just having been in Paris in April, and seeing this pyramid--don't think ya can 'dome' a pyramid--immediately made me think of the Louvre! Love the cows...wait a minute, aren't they bulls? Horns and all?

Either way, it's always nice to have a little bull in the picture now & then!


Ame said...

Too funny "O!"

Just had to give you a high-five...very funny comment about Eric's scarecrow's CD!


Jenny said...

Between the cow parade and the pyramid, you'd thin you were in Paris! I'm really enjoying your blog!

Cristina said...

Thanks for the links. That was some interesting reading! I'd forgotten the Minoans used to practice bull leaping--ah, another highly advanced society that worshipped women!!

luggi said...

Great post!

Nowhere Man said...

there's certainly a lot of art forms just in this one shot, with great symmetry. The cows dotted around adds a touch of the surrealistic.
And I think that for Ame and anybody else, it's about time I posted a bull thing in days to come!