Sunday, October 08, 2006

The fiercest of animals

"No paparazzi!!", the angry dog said to me, sending a clear message of what was about to happen if I wouldn't comply. Well, the truth is that this dog was not at all angry when we met, he was mostly curious.
Devious Diva (visit her blog) sent me this cute dog that seems so benevolent, he looks like Odie, the Garfield's friend
In Greece, meeting a black cat is considered bad luck. If you come across one in the morning, all your day is ruined. I know that the same thing is believed in many countries. What about yours?


John - Melbourne said...

The shot in the middle is so beautiful, you captured it really well. Congratulations. Great spirit.

Pamela said...

Well, I think black cats are lucky here in Spain. At least I hope so, because I meet one every morning as we both crawl out of my bed! :) I used to have two black cats (still have two b/w and two tabbies).

I know that in the UK cats get nine lives, while they only have seven in Spain, which seems like they've been short-changed. How many lives do they get in Greece?

deviousdiva said...

Pamela, I think they are lucky if they get one life in Greece! It is not a place known for animal-loving. The little one in the picture has never been seen again... probably another victim of the Athens roads.

magikthrill said...

φτου φτου φτου!

Sarah said...

Cute! There is a lot of talk around here in Texas lately about what to do with street animals, especially feral cats.

I think black cats are cute, though I think some people still may think they are bad luck.

alice said...

In France, it's a sign of bad luck too...But do you know that black cats are quite rare: in the Middle Ages, their were associated to the witches and have been exterminated. So the gene "all black" has become less and less common. Now most of the black cats have at least some white hair! Have a good evening.

Shelly said...

Yes bad luck here as well...but they are so pretty. I think people think of black cats and Halloween, witches...all that creepy stuff.

Anonymous said...

A cat brings bad luck only,if it runs across a street
in front of your eyes, but you can delete this bad luck
with spitting three times over your left shoulder :) .
Our cats have also nine spirits. We have not
animals on streets because they can`t manage during freezing winter.
Good luck and happy week end to you!
Greetings from Finland

Hyde DP said...

Just to let you know I've linked to your dogs from a post on Hyde DP today.