Friday, October 27, 2006

French Embassy in Athens

Eric, and the rest of my French friends, this is for you. This magnificent building, over 120 years old, houses the french embassy. The mansion has a very interesting history, you can read all about it in the embassy's webpage.
L’Ambassade de France à ATHENES (in french)
Το κτίριο της πρεσβείας (in greek)

Where is it on the map? (mouse over the yellow square)

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Eric said...

Efkaristos Ovelikios, that is a nice attention. And like you say this building has really an interesting - and complicated - history.

I don't know why but ambassadors always live in wonderful houses in the best locations... That is so unfair!

I'll be honest I did not know where the Greek embassy was located in Paris and I just Googled it and it seems to be in the uppoer 16th arrondissement which is also one of the most exclusive area. I could not see the building though.

We should set an embassy theme day one day...