Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hill of Ares

As the unsuspecting visitor approaches this place just below Acropolis, he sees what seems to be just a large rock. It is Areios Pagos, the oldest high degree court for homicides in Athens. Here used to be, also, an altar dedicated to goddess Athena.

It is also the place where, according to the Bible, apostle Paul did his preaching in 54 A.D. In Greece, the Christian religion had to step, literally, upon the ancient religion in order to expand.

Many people like to sit on the rock and enjoy the sunset. Every major Athens landmark is visible from here and Acropolis is just behind your shoulder.
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Carlos said...

Beautiful sight, light and great historic info. Happy 2007!

Anonymous said...

How I would like to be there just now.
Thank you for information and the photo.
Have a good year 2007!

Meg in Nelson said...

The high court was... really up high back then. But seriously, I was just thinking, in the old days when they built a lot of what you might call public buildings on top of high hills, before the days of motorized transportation, people must have hiked up the hills often in Athens. Or they didn't bother going to court or worship too often?