Monday, August 06, 2007

On vacation

Athens DP is "moving" to Aegean sea for three weeks. I may post something from there, so please check back regularly .

Have a nice summer everyone.


Strangetastes said...

Is this Santorini? One of the most beautiful places one can imagine. It also gets my vote as the place on earth where you need sunglasses the most.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you! How I would like to get there, perhaps not just now - too hot, I think, but during October for instance. I have been over ten islands of Greece, but not yet in Santorini, it will be next :)

I wish you wonderful days!

Sally said...

Have a terrici Aegean Idyll

Sally said...

terrici? Terrific!

Stefan Jansson said...

Great place for a vacation. Where do you go next. Paros, Naxos or perhaps Ios. Those are some of my favorite isles in Greece.