Sunday, November 12, 2006

Books' Arcade

Not so glorious as some other European arcades (e.g. Milan's Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele) but the Books' Arcade (you can see the sign in greek), just beside the Arsakeion building hosts some of the most intellectual events in the city. All major Greek publishers have premises here while there is a specially designed gallery on the basement level for exhibitions, presentations and events, all associated with books.
Info taken from Athens Info Guide
See the exact place on the map


Lachezar said...

Thanks for visiting!
I'll do a couple of posts on a coffee theme, but must say that NZ is still learning coffee culture. Which has the good side of trying to find out where is that they make the best coffee in town :)

All the best

Meg Nakagawa said...

Oh what I would do to have an nice evening there! (Wait, I'll have to learn a bit of Greek first - and there is no 'a bit of Greek' around here.....) I'll have Ben go to some car thing (like the post above) and I'll just sit here and admire other people's intellect.