Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Goddess at work

Next year, the new Acropolis Museum (just below the ancient temple of Parthenon) will be ready to receive the first artifacts. This poster is just outside the works area.
The glass gallery on the top will have direct view to Acropolis.
To read more about the museum click here and to watch a virtual tour click here.
Also this Wikimapia link shows the site before the actual building begun to be built. You can clearly see the ancient findings. The artifacts of this particular site will be displayed in the museum too.


Fabrizio ikol22 said...

Acropolis the marvels of history

Klio said...

A very busy goddess... Thanks for the links, I'm looking forward to the new museum - there seems to be much more space than in the old one.

kangerlussuaq said...

One of the special features of this museum is that one can see the reflection of Parthenon on the outer surface of the glass gallery. As a result, Parthenon's reflection looks like "flying" in the sky.

lynn said...

Looks like it will be very interesting!

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