Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Heavy bird spotting

ADP proudly presents the Greek plane spotters. Here, outside Athens airport, spotting the unusual heavy traffic the day of the Champions League final. More than 40 people, along with some German and Austrian spotters, were there to welcome the iron birds.


GE said...

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Annie said...

Do people just go to watch the planes come in, even if they aren't expecting anyone they know to arrive?

I remember being taken, as a child, to the airfield to watch the planes. But it is a custom that died out in the US many years ago, after airplanes became so common.

captain said...

we exist.
and we love it
it was a great day spotting
thanx guys :-)

George said...

Plane spotting has never lost its glory in Europe. Maybe because we have a greater variety of aircraft and liveries at our airports, as compared to the airports in the States.