Friday, May 04, 2007


In Greece there are no real TV news. They are merely entertainment programs about what happens in the country.

We call this lay-out "TV windows". The woman in the middle is the host. The guys left and right of her are journalists-commentators who are there every single evening commenting on everything: From the government's budget to the latest crime of passion.

On the second row are two politicians. Politicians have become actual commentators themselves. Since they don't produce any news (except from some scandals) they are there to comment on the news.

(Behind the white-haired man there are pictures of Orthodox Saints. He is the Minister of Interior and this is his office in the ministry. And I thought that the theocrats were in Tehran and Washington DC only, LOL).

What about your country? Are there similar pictures?


Pamela said...

Yeah, "entertainment programs about what happens in the country" would about sum it up here in Spain too. And the constant chat (more like arguments) shows, where panels of gossip journalists make wild and sensational speculations and verbally hack personalities to pieces.

sanna said...

This looks very confusing to me! In the UK there are real TV news, and in Germany as well. Of course, there are also news "shows" like you have.

vagabondblogger said...

These shows exist all over - most likely started by all the talking heads in the U.S. and from shows like Crossfire, Hardball, etc. FOX News uses them quite a bit too, though I rarely, if ever watch it - even here in Cairo we can get it. As for the man with icons behind him, I can only imagine that when Bush is staring upwards with his eyes, it's not due to stupidity, but he thinks he sees Jesus whispering to him. I'm sure if we were all graced like he is, we would see the halo above him too.

mamasan said...

Our news still looks like conventional news programs except some channels have the newsreaders giving their personal opinions (which are probably scripted!) on the matter. They are like one-way talk shows! In the printed media here there is a lot of "comments on comments" where so-called news is really only a commentary on the news. But I can't tell if people believe it all to be true, or simply enjoy the entertainment. It's very depressing to think the masses might actually trust it all as truth.