Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Throwing the disk

The bronze Discus Thrower statue is just opposite from Panathinaiko Stadium (see previous post) and was erected in 1927. One replica of this statue was installed in Paris during the 1924 Olympic Games. Later it was transferred in New York City's Central Park and later in Randalls Island park. That statue was vandalized and needed restoration (see photos). This one is doing just fine (except from the rust).
See the exact spot where this photo was taken
More information about the "american" statue
Discus throwing in Wikipedia
See the area in Wikimapia


Kris said...

i do like a rusty looking statue, such as this wonderful one!

magikthrill said...

i went to randall's island today to take a picture of the original statue here but it was guarded inside a roundabout (no pedestrian access). i was ready to double park and take a quick few shots but all of a sudden a cop car appeared and it followed me all the way out of the island! but i will go again and try with a friend to stay in the car.

Ovelikios said...´s 100% legal to take photographs of any object while standing in a public space.

Anyway, what about telling the cops you just want to take a tourist pic of the statue? However dumb they are, they won´t prevent you (i believe).

magikthrill said...

It shouldn't be a problem if I have someone else to stay in the car. The 2 problems I encountered were 1) There is no pedestrian access to the statue itself so I'd have to cross through the street and then climb over the chains (because for some weird reason the statue is facing the wall of a bridge) and 2) Randall's Island contains water treatment plants so due to the whole terrorism thing the area is under high security.

I vow to take the picture though sometime this week!

Unknown said...
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