Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bad parking

This underground parking has over 600 spaces in every floor. This photo was taken early in the morning. Almost 1800 parking spaces available and this neo-greek parked his car exactly where he shouldn't. Over the walkpass.
It's commonplace here for drivers to park anywhere they like, especially in front of ramps for disabled people's chairs. Police rarely write tickets. I wonder who's fault is the most.


dutchie said...

I am afraid this is a univeral pest.
We've got some neo greeks as neighbors and they annoy me every time they park!

photo-effe said...

very bad parking!

Liz said...

Its a bad habit also there.

people park wherever they want, and love to park in the special parking for disabled people.

Police write ticket just when need money.

Orange County Photo said...

I usually think it is funny to see bad parking jobs except when it is in "disabled" spaces.
I have traveled to some countreis where people park on sidewalks or wherever they want. The police are very strict here so we don't see that too much.

Curly said...

I hate this type of behaviour too!