Monday, September 18, 2006

Be carefull, take care and other metro wishes.

Well, either the Greeks need to be exactly informed about the danger and foreigners need not, or the translator was just lazy.
The greek text inside the Athens metro trains reads "Mind the doors. They close inwards". The english text calls for being careful anyway (probably for doors, pickpockets, sneezing fellow passengers, stray animals, whatever).


Sarah said...

This sign is totally for me! Translation or not, I crushed a finger on a train in France, not being familiar with public transportation. I even remember what finger it was almost three years later! There certainly wasn't a sign like this!

santy said...

be careful does mean a lot, eh! :)

zannnie said...

Hello Ovelikios,

I took a shot like this too, will post it

ours comes in four official languages ;) with an emotive illustration too:)

Kris said...

hehehh..true theres so manyway to interpret this!

Jing said...

yes, be careful. that sentence can mean lots...:) and just be careful when you are on the metro.
simple words, but meaningful~~