Sunday, September 24, 2006

Marousi Metro Station

Athens' Green metro line has undergone a major rennovation from 2000 to 2004, partly in order to look more modern beside the brand new Blue and Red lines and partly because it was the same ugly cement structures for as long as 80 years. This particular station is over a bridge (built in the '50s) and looked like this. Today is as you see it (see this wikipedia photo too). The metal structure was made to act like a "shell" over the old cement one.

Some critics think it's "too modern" but, even them, they definetely prefer it over the outdated (and dangerously degrading) old structure.
Athens Metro (Official)
Athens Metro (Wikipedia)


Kate said...

Your picture gives us a good look at the design. I loved the other links, too, esp. the Wiki.

jerry said...

Actually,its one of the most attractive stations in Athens, looks like a playground :)

Sadia said...

That yellow car coordinates with the building so well!

Apostolos said...

i miss the lost space of that particular station. "modern" is nowdays mistreated.