Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fierce (vegetarian) animals

Remember the kitten from July 9th post? Here it is again, a little older, eating grass. No, it's not like the the vegetarian sharks in "Looking for Nemo". Cats eat grass sometimes because they need certain elements or because they feel like it. I was looking for a sheep eating mice but I had no luck. :-)
An article on grass-eating carnivores


Matthieu said...

Hello, I have a funny question : what does a cat sound like in Greek ? You may know that depending on your nationality, you do not hear the same sounds as some other foreigners. Well, in a nutshell, French hear "miaou" :)

I hope you did enjoy your holidays.
Read you soon,

Matthieu from Cherbourg-Octeville (France)

Ovelikios said...

We here them saying "niaou" and we call them by saying "ps ps ps ps". All of you, what sound do you do with your mouth for a cat to come?

Pamela said...

Ha ha. Love your humour. Sheep eating mice indeed!

Yeah, it's a funny thing, but I had noticed and thought about the fact that my Spanish cats sound just like my English cats always did.

Personally, I whistle mine.

Ovelikios said...

Whistle? We use to wistle at the dogs! Every dog turns if you wistle. We, also, make repeatedly "smack" sound as if we kiss the wind several times per second. Then the dog approaches.

Oh, it's so funny that we have totally different ways to make cats and dogs look at us. Fact is that, wherever they live, they always learn how people "talk" to them.

Anne said...

Hi Ovelikos! Wow I didn't know cats eat grass sometimes! Thanks for sharing :) And lovely cat!

Haha said...

Dog is eating grass too, in my country we call cat like pes pes pes , and we hear like meyao