Friday, December 01, 2006

Preserving the past

Since I have no picture of a person from the waist down (therefore I cannot participate to the December 1st Theme Day) here is a modern office building from the ground down.
This is National Bank's new headquarters in Athens. During the excavation several artifacts, walls and findings from the ancient city were unearthed.
Since it was somewhat expected that such objects would occur, the building was designed to be built over the site. The antiquities were preserved in their exact place.

Do you have similar cases in your own city?


Jing said...

nice, i like this kind of theme photos.and i think seldom we have the chance to take photos in the antiquities.

yes, there once was discoverd a ancient dam in the downtown of shanghai too.


Meg Nakagawa said...

Interesting, like you said! I wonder how the ancient people would feel, having a bank office built on top of them. (But then in Athens, I guess that'd be almost anywhere!)

Thank you for visiting NDP.