Monday, December 18, 2006

Merry Athenian Christmas

My good friend Jerry sent me these photos from Christmas decorated Constitution Square. The caption is also by him.Every year Athens city celebrates Christmas "building" the sugar city at Syntagma square.15 colourful houses host candy stores offering visitors candies from Greece and abroad (sometimes though, not at reasonable enough prices).
Apart from the candy stores, Santa Claus has his own house where he is waiting for children to come and visit him and his elves.
The happy atmosphere grows with the carousel of the neighborhood which this year is an german antique of 1886. It has 80 places and offers much pleasure to everyone who feels like a child (or actually is one).


Jing said...

so festival photos!!
and its funny to see that lady is eating the lollipop~~~

nice shots!!


jerry said...

actually the lady with the lolipop is my friend claire :) i captured her with the carousel :)

merry x-mas everyone, even to kostas who doesn't like them