Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Remembering summer

Although it's December and almost Christmas, we like to remember summer. After all, in the southern hemisphere is no winter at all. :-)
Late in the morning, Parikia, Paros island.
Paros island in Google Maps
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Jing said...

now i really miss summer.

shanghai daily photo

Anonymous said...

Well Paros Parikia in the summer.
Akoma den arxise kai ante na teleiosei o xeimonas...

moworld said...

Thanks, brings back great memories.

jois said...

winter rulz ;)

Randy said...

Nice shot.

Carraol said...

It looks beautiful there! Great picture.

Lachezar said...

You don't really get much of a winter in Athens Do you?

One likes to picture Greece warm and busking under the sun and the Parthenon over Athens bathed in eternal light!


p.s Is warming up in NZ :)

Lara said...

this is great! at this time of the year, still wearing shorts... that is something i cannot imagine :))! greetings from foggy Romania!