Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saturday morning

Drinking some cappuccino just opposite of Athens Stock Exchange. It's s Saturday and the place is quiet and peaceful.
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Ame said...

NO! Can it BEEEEE? Could this possibly be a shot of a place I like to visit a LOT here in the Bay Area? SB'S? Hmmmmm...might just have to include a Greek stop on my next vacation...maybe I can visit at least one SB's in every Euro country! LOL! Wonder if it tastes the same? :-)

Lachezar said...

Ahhh the always ubiquitous Starbucks!

Do they at least make good coffee in Athens? Not here I must say!


Jing said...

oh, starbuck cups!!
i would like sleep more.

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Ovelikios said...

Lachezar. They make amazing coffee. The best in town.