Saturday, December 02, 2006

Omonoia Square

I took this photo early in a Saturday morning when the only people outside and on the road were the taxi drivers.

This is the official city centre (e.g. every kilometer distance to other cities is measured from here) Omonoia in greek means "concord". Well, we have a Place de la Concorde ourselves. :-)

(click on the photo for larger version)


Anonymous said...

Isn't Omonoia Square one of the most dangerous places in Athens these days in terms of crime?

Jing said...

oh, beautiful blue sky.
and it reminds me the People square in Shanghai where is also the start of measuring the distance of the city.

have a nice weekend.


Ovelikios said...

Well, let's say it's not the place to be when the dark falls. But, generally, it's a perfectly safe place to walk during the day.