Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pushing back

A little slice of Singapore in Athens. I post this photo because I have been in Singapore in 1999 and I had a great time there. I also post this photo because my good friend George took it at Eleftherios Venizelos airport, a place which, for every Athenian, is the starting point for every big journey.
Athens Airport in Google Maps


Zsolt72 said...

they say that the Singapore Airlines is the best all over the world. But I never tried!

Nikoletta said...

thank you for your blog! it feels very nice to see some of Athens through the eyes of a stranger, especially now that I live in London and I miss it so much!
I will add you to my bookmarks :-)

alice said...

This airport is a good memory for me, I went in Greece only for one week but it was really great!
Zsolt, i saw yesterday an advertising about the new first class of Singapore Airlines with the largest seats in the world from december 2006: you've been right to wait for!

Jing said...

have a nice weekend.

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