Sunday, December 31, 2006

Farewell to 2006

Let's bid a farewell to 2006 with this wonderful painting which is titled "Santorini". It's dedicated to all of you who stopped by Athens photoblog, to you who left a comment and to everyone who just passed by and took a glimpse of the athenian and greek sun.

I also especially dedicate this joyful scene to everyone who had a sad moment, small or big, during these holidays. Life is sometimes so ironic that in days of great happiness the saddest things can happen.

I hope you 'll forgive my little own artistic intervention: it's the "sun" just over the hills on the background which is, actually, the flash of my camera.
Happy new year to all.


Meg in Nelson said...

Happy New Year from the small island that's already 11 hours into 2007. I look forward to more beautiful photos of your ancient city in the coming year.

Liz said...

happy new year from Parma :-)

Would like to go to Santorini

GiuCe said...

look the stars, give thanks for this year and make a wish for a great new year... HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007

jerry said...

happy new year to athens dp from an athenian too!

E.I. said...

how beautiful a picture!
i think it's a woman painter that uses this τεχνοτροπία! do you know who she is and if there is an exhibition of hers somewhere?

thank you for the beautiful post!

Ovelikios said...

The painter is Sophia Kalogeropoulou

E.I. said...

thank you!

Athens Interloper said...

very beautiful painting!

Candice & Megan said...

Lovely painting! Happy New Year from Houston Daily Photo!

Anonymous said...

happy new year mate

dutchie said...

Happy new year too from Rotterdam.
When i hear santorini i think of "lost in translation".
Not anymore.