Thursday, December 14, 2006

Rosetta Paper found in Olympic Store

The Games are long gone but we still have to pay the bill. Since the chinese company, which made all the 2004 merchandise, produced countless of items (we thought we could sell them all at once) they are many of them on sale at Athens Olympic Store. The multilingual sign it's a modern Rosetta Stone. When an archaeologist, thousands of years from now, finds it he will know we had sales.
Below, the original Rosetta Stone


Ame said...

Very interesting Kostas! You're too funny! ;-) How many of those caps have sold this year, do you think?

Jing said...

oh,Ovelikios, your brain cells are so wonderful!!
i like your imagination...

and those hats and tshirts are all made in China??
I just know all my friends bought the tshirts abroad are all made-in-China. :p