Monday, December 11, 2006

Yahoo and Torrent in Athens pavements

As you may already know, Greeks invented everything. The first photo proves that Yahoo was invented in Greece in 1984. Since we had no Internet back then, we used it as a sewer. And we wrote it in greek letters too.
(YAHOO=ΓΙΑΧΟΥ, on the lower side of the circular lid just above the numbers)

The second photo proves that we invented Torrents too. Similarly, we didn't know what to do with them so we used them as part of the Greek Yahoo (sewer) system. Then we sold the patent to USA where they turned it into bit-torrent. We want our royalties!
(first photo from


Lachezar said...

A really good sense of humor, but truth is nevertheless that the Greeks indeed invented everything!


Jing said...

:D coincident!!
but your eyesight, your observation is really great!!

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jois said...

Nice job.

The second picture is mine, I think.